Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CBS News coverage on the Chatroulette Phenomenon

Chatroulette in my opinion is the next website to become a social phenomenon. Created by a Russian kid, the website randomly connects you via webchat to anyone around the world. There are many obscene video chats, but you can also meet a lot of new people all around the world. CBS interviews Purchase College students on their opinion of the website.


  1. Purchase College students mentioned on CBS, very cool. Overall, an insightful clip. Makes you think about the potential impact of this technology (for good or bad). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Damn, when did they have these interviews? I wish they could have asked me a few questions. If they wanted to know about chatroulette I would have dropped my pants and started masturbating for them right there. Obscene? Yes. Disgusting? Yes. Gets the point across. Most definitely.